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We strive to be the best!

Professional & Reliable

Our team strives to stand out when it comes to professionalism, communication, and craftsmanship. When you work with us, you work with an entire team, not just a single individual. 

Communication is one of the most important key notes for us. We communicate with our clients by using modern day applications and communication tools throughout the entire project.

We ensure craftsmanship by allocating trade specific individuals to each aspect of a project.

We care about our community!

Here at Resolution Construction, we want to build our community up.
Jimmy established our company with the vision of being able to give back to the community by helping local business owners in whatever way possible.
Resolution construction sponsors local business events whenever possible and runs monthly raffles to help local business owners with minor repairs that are needed in their facilities.  
Currently in the works for 2024, Resolution is hoping to start running raffles for local families in need. These raffles will be focused on helping families that are nominated by a family member or a friend.

Meet the team!

Kat Chacaj-Solis

-Construction Defect Advisor & City compliance-

Kat has been in the legal field for over a decade. She has specialized in construction defect, city compliance, and jurisdiction amongst other legal areas.
Kat holds a bachelor’s degree in business and is working towards becoming an attorney.

During Kats free time, kat loves to work out, spend time with her family, and loves to read.
Kat: “I like working with people because it has exposed me to different cultures and traditions.”

Jimmy Chacaj-Solis

-Estimator & Lead Project manager-

Jimmy has over 15 years in the construction industry ranging from crew lead to Lead estimator and project manager. Jimmy has an associate degree with an emphasis in civil engineering, he hopes to continue studying and obtaining a math minor as well as a bachelor’s degree.
In his free time, Jimmy likes to workout, go hiking, read, and spend time with family and his two dogs. 
Jimmy: “I love my current position because it allows me to use my creativity to solve problems, manage different sized projects, and see clients’ visions come to life.”

Karla Chacaj

-Administrator & Billing-

Karla has over 10 years in administrative experience. She holds an associate degree in accounting as well as having a certificate in demonstrative professional.
During her free time, Karla enjoys watching mystery or crime shows, spending time with family, and reading.
Karla: “I enjoy working with people and learning about all the different backgrounds and how they have accomplished the level of success they are currently at.”

Alfredo Martinez Ponce (Freddy)

-Project manager & Field operations-

Freddy came on to the team in early 2022. Freddy has managed teams of 15+ people for over 6 years. Freddy is a certified project manager and is eager to continue his education in the construction field.
During his free time Freddy enjoys watching action movies, spending time with his kids, and learning/studying.
Freddy: “I enjoy my position because I am able to develop my skills and see how projects go from paper to reality.”

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David Islas (Islas Services)

-Architectural designer & Permitting-

David graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor's degree in architecture. David has been working as a designer and project manager for over 8 years. David’s interests are spending time with his two young boys and wife. David enjoys playing soccer and strives to stay active in the sport for as long as he can. 
David: "What I enjoy most is collaborating with clients in bringing their visions to life.”

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Ivan Garcia-Trejo 

-Project manager-

Ivan has been in management, specifically in the service industry, for 3 years. Ivan hopes to develop his management skills and construction knowledge while at Resolution. Ivan enjoys sports, spending time with friends and family in addition to cooking for them.
Ivan: "I enjoy being able to get out of my comfort zone and the education that the company has provided.”

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