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Kat Chacaj-Solis

Operations Manager

Kat brings fun and positive energy to the workplace. She has a Bachelor’s degree where she majored in Business Management and Humans Resources and minored in legal studies. Kat has over 10 years experience in the legal field where she sharpened her customer service and leadership skills. She has extensive knowledge in Oregon and Washington laws including construction defect lawsuits and insurance claims. Kat handles the logistics of the company and keeps things running smoothly. 

Jimmy Chacaj-Solis

Lead Project Manager

Jimmy is an invaluable contributor to the growth of our business. He specializes in projects of all sizes, obtained his certification in OSHA safety, and graduated with his associate’s degree with an emphasis in engineering.

Karla Chacaj

Payroll and Billing Specialist 

Karla has helped shape the success of our business by keeping Resolution on track. She brings over a decade of experience in construction payroll and billing.


At Resolution Construction LLC, we’ve got the best minds in the business working together. Contact us today.

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